Specializing in Celtic music, Deb is known throughout the Colorado Front Range for her passionate, fiery fiddling. She played classical violin up until college and, after taking a long break from the instrument, took it up as a “fiddle” and has been playing and performing folk music ever since. She has studied Irish and Scottish intensively and is expert in playing both for dancing and performance.

   Her music could be called a “Denver” style of Celtic music because there are influences creeping in from old timey music and other traditional Colorado music styles.  She also writes her own original tunes, influenced by the music she loves so much.   

    She has performed with numerous ensembles over the years including Highstrung, Celtic Fair,  Unstrung Heroes and Deb and the Pariahs.


   "Deb Carstensen is our absolutely favorite fiddler, the first one we call when a gig includes live music for dancing!  She has a rich and varied repertoire of traditional and modern tunes for all moods, and plays with a rock-solid beat which the dancers find easy to follow.  She understands the dances and their needs and always provides just the right music to set the feet tapping.  Between dancing numbers, she has a wealth of slow airs to change the mood from lively to soulful, definitely a versatile musician of the top rank."
               From Molly Bennett, TCRG
               Bennett School of Irish Dance

   Deb has been playing for contra dancers regularly since 1993.  When asked which local contra dance band was the best, Jeff Haemer, longtime respected musician, said “Any band with Deb Carstensen for their fiddler!”

   "When I look at the calender to see which dances I go to, I look for Deb's name and make sure to go to those dances!"

               Beatrice B- Contra Dancer



                           Whether performing as a solo artist, with her bands, or in combination with a
                wide variety of local musicians, Deb's music is a perfect accompaniment for
                               parties, weddings, dances and other events.

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